Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals in the UK do not have the same legal recognition as in other countries like the USA. There are a number of movements to try and enforce the recognition of the essential assistance these companions provide. In the mean time it is down to each individual business to decide if they are happy to advocate this form of assistance animal.

We have recently welcomed Ollie to our family a Cavachon dog to help support my recovery from PTSD. I still struggle with bouts of anxiety and Ollie has already made a massive difference in ours lives. I have been getting out more (still not as much as I should but more), I have found comfort in his company and I have also gushed with pride at the responsibility my eldest has taken on in caring for our new family member.

I have a prescription letter from my Clinical Psychologist at the burns unit and I am now on a journey to learn which businesses in the UK are supportive of ESA’s. I plan to list my experiences below to help others with their journeys.

My Responses

Westonbirt Arbortum

Whilst dogs are welcome in the day we had booked an event where only assistance dogs could attend. I contacted them about Ollie and they are happy from him to accompany us.


Whilst initially supportive we are waiting to hear back from Health and Safety.

Please do get in touch with your own experiences of ESA advocacy in the UK.

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