Why reaching out for help is never a bad idea.

Last year I became aware of a local support offering in Wales. A combined service between NHS Wales and the Charity Mind. Having now used the service for a few weeks I thought it may be helpful to provide an overview. Perhaps there is someone out there that has been contemplating using the service but […]

An anxious wait, a parents job to be strong.

So a break from the norm for me. Not blogging today about any specific mental health. Just writing for the benefit of sharing while I sit and wait on for my little girl to come out of theatre. We have been waiting for today for a few months and it has been a couple of […]

How to get to your first 100 followers.

Thank you so much to everyone that was liked, commented and followed the blog. I started this blog after the response I had in work “coming out” about my mental health diagnosis. So many people commented that they had their own struggles and they felt a little better knowing they weren’t alone. So many people […]

Self harm why people do it. Why you should stop.

This is a heavy topic and it can be upsetting and potentially triggering to read information about how to self-harm. If you are feeling vulnerable at the moment, you might not want to today’s blog. In my next article I will talking about the latest support service I have used (a service offered by the […]

Judge not what you see.

Poem – Judge not what you see.
Because nobody can truly see to the heart of a person. ​Save your judgement, cast out kindness instead.

New year commit to a happier you.

This time of year a post for new year resolutions feels pretty much mandatory. As we reflect on a year, unprecedented in our times and consider all the things we have learnt, it is rather natural to think about what the year ahead may hold. Perhaps even to consider making a fresh commitment or two. […]

Ignite your soul and explode your happiness.

As thoughts turn to the new year here is my wish for you. Some of us just simply can not see the lives that could we be destined to have. We allow our focus to get drawn into the hardships of the moments upon us. We refuse to believe that the amazing things other people […]

Tools and techniques tips for sleep

Sleep can have such a massive impact on our happiness. I have had great phases and terrible ones over my sleeping lifetime. If I am lucky I will get a few nights of sleeping straight through in a row, if I’m unlucky nights of struggling to get off and hours awake in the middle of […]


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