About Me

Eternally Grateful, Forever Growing, Just me.

The advice when writing a blog is to complete this section in the third person. To write about yourself from the outside. For the first six months I followed that advice but now…well do it your own way right.

When I was kid I was happy and creative. I loved to paint rubbish pictures for our kitchen wall or play schools in my bedroom. Then my world got slowly turned upside down. My mums mental health took a sky dive and by the age of ten I found myself in foster care. A little scared, but still determined to make the best of life.

In my younger teen years I found some level of normality, I loved school, was blessed with amazing friends and a great foster family. Then I made a stupid mistake and overnight I lost all of my friends. I was isolated and broken. I lost all faith in myself.

Still I never gave up searching for the happy path. And the years of practice have paid off. Whilst there may still be some pot holes or bumps along the way, nothing life has thrown me has been able to stop me pursuing happiness.

We all face struggles, we all have a journey and no one I have met has ever always had it easy. Through the happy path I want to share some of the thinking that has helped me overcome the dark days and seek out my happiness. In the hopes we can travel a happy path together.

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There is nothing I love more than to engage with others, hear your journey, compare notes, so please do get in touch.