About Me

Eternally Grateful, Forever Growing

The advice when writing a blog is to complete this section in the third person. To write about yourself from the outside. For the first six months I followed that advice but now…well do it your own way right.

When I was kid I was happy and creative. I loved to paint rubbish pictures for our kitchen wall or play schools in my bedroom. Then my world got slowly turned upside down. My mums mental health took a sky dive and by the age of ten I found myself in foster care. A little scared, but still determined to make the best of life.

In my younger teen years I found some level of normality, I loved school, was blessed with amazing friends and a great foster family. Then I made a stupid mistake and overnight I lost all of my friends. I was isolated and broken. I lost all faith in myself.

For a while it was downhill from there. Bad decision, after bad decision. Then I met this one amazing person who loved me and believed in me. Over fifteen years later, two wonderful children, some of the greatest friends in the WORLD, an amazing home, a brilliant job and the man I love. Life was superb.

Then while cooking soup at end I accidently burnt my feet, hands, legs and stomach. After months of treatment for the physical damage I was diagnosed with PTSD.

Following this latest experience of mental illness impacting my life I was inspired to start sharing my journey and the lessons I have learnt along the way.