Spontaneous recovery. Did talking therapy heal my finger?

Stay with me guys. I know this is a bit of break from the usual broadcasting, but related so I can get away with it.

For those of you who have been following along of this bumpy ride for a while you will have heard about me managing to burn myself making soup!

It took a few months to get the dam thing to heal and even then I had lost all feeling in one of my fingers. And after a bit of physio they casually said if you don’t get feeling back in your finger in the next couple of months you probably never will. They and I were not worried it worked perfectly fine I just could not feel anything. So off I went with my physio exercises and sure enough a few years later still no feeling.

Then enter therapy not for the burn but for PTSD and a whole load of trauma I had been saving up for a rainy day. (Side note trauma is a bad investment you want to off load it when ever you can!)

Since starting therapy I am now finding that my sleep is much better and I am much less highly strung, less jumpy and worried.

And guess what, a couple of months ago I started waking up with pain in that finger. Now the pain has gone and the feeling is back!

It’s the middle one which lost its feeling!

Now I am no doctor. But I do wonder. Have I finally been able to take my poor nervous system out of fight or flight long enough to let it do some healing. Welcome back finger!

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