How to Clear your mind, by moving your body.

Those that follow me will know I am far from a top athlete. By standards here in the UK I am considered on the chubby side. I blame indulging in too much amazing food and wine.

Although my lack of a Stella physique might fool you I do normally work out regularly.

Running is my favourite form of clearing my mind.

Why do I work out?

So if it is not to maintain that awesome physical form, why do I work out. Rather simply for my sanity.

So many studies have shown that exercise benefits your well being in numerous different ways. It can help with sleep, a sense of calm, balance, achievement and physical well-being which all in turn impact your mental well-being.

What have I learnt about exercise.

I think exercise is one of those fascinating things for which everyone has a different style and preference. What works for one person won’t always work for another. My recipe includes some key ingredients.

For me the Gym does not work. – There are lots of things about the gym I don’t like, the environment and paying for the pleasure are two big factors.

On the occasion I did have gym membership I felt I got more exercise walking too and from the gym.

Group classes are great – In my early days of exercise exploration I really enjoyed a group class. I liked the mix of abilities and the social aspect provided extra motivation.

I also found for certain types of exercise Pilates for example classes were really important to help me learn the proper way of doing movements.

I think some forms of exercise are rather elegant.

I am more likely to exercise first thing in the morning. – There are different benefits to doing exercise at different times of the day. For example exercise in the evening can help with sleep.

For me I have found motivation first thing in the morning is what carries me through a workout. If I don’t work out then I am less likely to do it later in the day.

One of my views on a morning walk.

I find it better to work out on an empty stomach. – I prefer to work out before breakfast. I find that way I avoid cramps and stitches.

Breakfast is like a welcome reward after a morning workout.

Be prepared – I find I have a better chance of succeeding at completing a work out of everything is in place before hand. I know where my gear is, I know where I am going what I am doing.

No one wants to be fumbling around looking for running gear when you are barely awake. Lay it out the night before.

What does my exercise routine look like?

I work out 4-5 days a week. 3 days a week I do a body coach YouTube 20 minute High intensity training session or a twenty minute jog. Two days a week I do a ten minutes Pilates session.

They are only short sessions. I have this is the minimum I need to do to help support my positive well being. There have been times in the past when I have stretched myself beyond this training for an event but that is rare.

I think it is so important we all start to acknowledge the importance of exercise on our mental health. What works for you and yours?

I think it is so important we all start to acknowledge the importance of exercise on our mental health. What works for you and yours?

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